Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Together at Last!

FINALLY! Chris and I got to go on our very belated honeymoon last weekend. It's always been a big deal in our house that we've never gotten to go away together just the two of us. Chris had to work the day we got married, and only got off like 2 hours before and then had to leave for work the next morning really early so we never had the chance to go on a honeymoon. After much thanks to the government for that stimulus check :) We decided to go to the Arizona Grand Resort. We got to go for 3 days and we are so grateful to our families for splitting the task of watching our little one. I did a pretty good job of not being overwhelmed with missing my little baby girl. I don't know if it's because we were only 30 min. away from her since we stayed in town or if it was a combination of that and knowing she was in good hands, but it was an awesome weekend to say the least and I can't wait to be able to get away again. I was surprised at how cool the architecture was of this Resort and just had to share some pictures with you the water park that they have on the lot was so fun.

When you first turn in there's this HUGE fountain, which immediately made me think of you dad. It was so big.

We went to check in and the bell hop people were so nice they took our bags, and loaded us up on a golf cart and drove us to our room. (Side note: When we went to check in Chris was looking all panicked that I was standing there so I pretended I had to go to the bathroom and instead went to look around the gift shop. Come to find out he was trying to plan for them to do this whole romantic thing with rose petals and choc. strawberries and sparkling cider for our room when we walked in and he was all afraid he wasn't going to be able to make sure it was done b/c I was standing there)

Well we got to our room which was really nice....

This is all the living room area when you first walk in. Then you go through this little hall/doorway part to the bedroom and bathroom it was nice having a TV in both rooms.

 anyway we get to the room but they hadn't done the room up like Chris had planned. Poor guy. We have been married going on 3 years now, he finally gets to take me on a honeymoon and the "Romance package" was just no where to be found. We were checking out our view from the balcony which looked like this....

2 awesome restaurants (there are 4 or more I think on the property)

And we overlooked the water park

When all of a sudden our door flys open and the workers were coming in to lay everything out (The romance lol) I didn't see them because I was outside on the balcony but I could hear Chris telling them they were too late and thanks a lot for ruining the surprise lol It was so funny. So anyways even though I knew after that they were nice enough to leave the choc. covered strawberries which are my favorite dessert and they told us they'd do it again for the next night. It rocked because I got double the amount of strawberries. Good job Chris.

Has anyone seen that friends episode where monica and chandler go on their honeymoon and there's this other couple who's always one step ahead of them the entire episode? Well that happened to us. I won't go into details b/c probably only Chris and I would think it's funny, but for all of you who have seen that show you know exactly what I mean.

I will have to admit here for everyone to hear especially you Jacki, that I did not go on the crazy slide that goes straight down like 7 stories high. Chris did but I only went on the swirly one. Yes I was the only adult in line, and yes I was getting nasty looks from all the 8 year olds that surrounded me because this was of course "their" slide and the adults were supposed to keep moving along up the stairs to the tall one, and yes the life guard kept laughing at me as I returned many times but hey I rocked that swirly slide and I still cruised down it I tell you. I even timed myself at a whopping 20 sec.......flat people! that's right 20 sec. flat.

This would be Chris, that crazy dare devil. He's the little black dot in the middle of the slide on the right lol
I hate shots like this where you can see my arm holding up the camera but hey what you gonna do right?
We went to Claim Jumpers for Dinner one night and it was so good. I had to post a picture of it b/c our sandwich that we shared was MASSIVE!! We both took off half the meat. We probably could've made 3 more sandwiches out of it all.

Thought I wouldn't post these of you, did you dear! :)

After we checked out on Saturday we went to the lake with my whole family. It was so nice to see my little one again and to be able to hang out with the whole family at Roosevelt.
Trying to see over the edge of the boat....don't worry i was holding her foot.
Brinley and Jayda they are only 2 and a half months apart. They're going to be best buds growing up. I love that she'll have a cousin her age
Mason thinking he was catching a fish every time he saw the yellow worm on the end, which was really just his bait. lol I love him
Don't look at that scary thing next to the pretty baby but I love how green it was from all the rain we've gotten this year.

Alexa and Chris were up on the mud wall finding random pieces of crystal and soaking in the mud like they were taking mud baths or something.


Trevor & Taytum said...

Looks like tons of fun. I have been dying to go swimming but I don't have a swimsuit for this big belly, and I really don't want to spend the money...

Ty and Jacki Hanks said...

I am so proud that you even went on 1 slide. I will say that Hunter my 6 year old went on the slide on the right side...we raced. I nearly wet my pants! Good girl for keep it safe..not giving into peer pressure. The 8 year olds don't care if the adults DIE they just want to swim and be left alone...hahahaha I am glad you had fun!!!

Joey and Ashley said...

You are so cute Denee! I love your little swim suit! The print totally reminds me of your mom! haha! ; )

tessa said...

Too fun. The strawberry fiasco was hilarious but hey double strawberries is always good!

Jenny said...

Aren't getaways the best? I'm glad you finally got a vaca!

Anonymous said...

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