Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I swear if my 18 month old could say those words she'd be screaming them. In fact she pretty much screams for everything. Excitement, when she's mad, when she cries, and when she sings. It's just a great approach all around for a way to express your feelings, or so she thinks. I GUESS they hit this little independent stage when they are about her age, and I GUESS your supposed to help foster that new found independence so they'll grow up to be fine outstanding human beings, and I GUESS it's cute in the blood curdling, high pitched, only dogs can hear it kind of way. But gosh darn it my little one is SASSY and boy did I think it was funny when this little afternoon of water play unfolded like it did.

We started off by little Miss Independent deciding that she was going to man the hose for the day rather than her older and much more experienced cousin.

Ok Cuz go ahead it's limbo time!!!

It looks as though at this point my niece is jumping away from the water like whoa baby this girl is crazy and that waters cold, and my little monkey looks like whoa baby this rocks did you see how high that water is going?

This is the part the cracked me up! No boundaries. This is the point she realized, ok maybe I don't know how to just hold this without drowning myself after all lol lol (it's so mean for me to laugh at my own child but come on that's funny)

She was so mad

And we're back. lol hmmmmm after the burning sensation is gone from shooting the water up your nose, it's not all that bad. Tastes pretty good

Gaining confidence again..........

Back to the Limbo action and my niece putting her life on the line.....ok not her life but that water was pretty darn cold. have to point it down dont you see? Come on we've been over this before!


Ty and Jacki Hanks said...

I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! They are so cute! I love the story too! It really was funny!

Rebecca and Eric MantanoƱa said...

I know that people tell you this ALL the time, but she is so beautiful and full of life!!! I love seeing pictures of her! Very fun play by play action!

The Leals! said...

I LOVE that last picture. She is so cute! : )

Bethany M said...

She looks adorable in that little swim suit. Love the chubs!