Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Mexican Heritage

My little monkey has some pretty cool heritage. She has indian and mexican in her blood. My mother in law is from Mexico. She's from a town in the Yucatan down by Cancun. I think that is so awesome. Anyways, before I was even pregnant, we were in Mexico and we saw these cute little dresses. Chris and I just loved them so we bought two. A yellow one, and a bright pink one for when she's about 4. Yes I realize we were taking a chance because what if we never had a girl right? Well we couldn't pass them up so we bought them anyways. Sure enough we had a girl and now at 16 months she can finally fit into the first one. She looked so cute and Chris's mom just loved it when we went to show her. I think she liked how airy it felt because when I went to put some shorts on underneath so we could run to the store she freaked out and got all mad lol.


The Leals! said...

What a cute little Mamacita! haha!

Alexa Grant said...

could she be any cuter!!

Trevor & Taytum said...

It was cold while we were there. From here to Provo it ended up being like 8 or 9 hours. Of course, there was a little speeding involved.

Tami said...

Very cute! Hey I see Crystal is getting married, I got the invite. Didn't know she was getting married. Exciting! So are her and her hubby going to be moving into the neighborhood or will they brance out? ha ha!

Raising Boys is raising Fun! said...

She is so so cute! I really can't believe you have a baby in the first place, I babysat you guys so much when you lived in St. Johns, your family was my favorite! Have a great day ;)

Kathy's Boys said...

Hey Denee'
I love the dress! You guys need to come to Vegas
sometime and hang out. Even if its just the girls!
Have you guys ever been to Cancun? Brad and I are
going there in May. Next to Hawaii it is our favorite
place. The beaches are The Best! The place we stayed
in Hawaii is called the Grand Wailea. You will have to
look it up online. It is the most amazing hotel. It is
a little pricey, but hey, if you're going to Hawaii, you gotta just splurge and do it right!!! Did your family go up to conference? Love ya, K

{Mullins} said...

so cute! i love mexico, my grandma was born there so we have mexican food at every reunion, mmm! love the yellow dress, so vibrant!