Monday, April 7, 2008

"The Girls"

Meet "The Twins"!! My little sisters are the coolest girls around. I happened to be very fortunate to live so close to these cool, soon to be 15 year olds. We may be 8 years apart but it has never seemed that way, as far as the whole older to younger sibling relationship thing goes. I have always made it a point to be close with them. I have a lot of friends who have brothers and sisters that they really don't even know because they are so far apart in age or they have moved out or gotten married before the younger ones even realized or cared about establishing that relationship. I sure am glad that we've never had that happen to us. They started out as "the babies", then when they got to be a little older they were "the twins", now that they are teenagers we just refer to them as "the girls". That may make it sound like they are categorized as one person, a quick way to refer to them, or our families way of yelling to quickly get them to enter a room....and yes you couldn't be more correct. :) But in fact this is the complete opposite when referring to their personalities. One is taller than the other, one has short hair the other long. One curly, one straight. One Loud and Raspy the other more quiet...(not around the family though) but hilarious when you least expect it. I just love having these girls for sisters. I get to see them everyday! If for some reason we didn't get the chance to play, I've for sure talked to them at least 2 times on the phone. They are crazy and I love them. They are my little monkeys other 2 moms and they love and dote on her every time they see her. I had a chance to take their pictures the other day, and I was amazed at not only how much Bailey looks like my mom when she was younger, but at how beautiful they are and how old they are getting. I can still remember when they were babies and we'd have to take turns sleeping between their cribs on the floor with our hands reaching up to their cribs so they could each hold onto one of our hands. (Yes it was a phase, and for awhile there, this was the only way they'd go to sleep. If you even started to move or try to take your hand back to leave the room they'd scream.) Looking back on it now though, I'll bet that was just an excuse for my mom to get rid of us and have us quiet in shifts with the babies. Sneaky mom, very sneaky! I'm 24 but i'm no idiot lol it just took me this long to realize! :)


Bailey Grant said...

hey when i come over sometime you need to send me the ones of us with jayda and us sitting next to eachother and smiling k :)

The Leals! said...

Oh my gosh! I cant believe how old they are! WOAH! They are getting so pretty! Alexa totally looks like Brooklyn!

Cara said...

I'm seriously considering moving close to you, just so you can photograph my girls! Aren't sisters fun?!