Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Grandpas Garden

My father and law and my dad both have the green thumb. They always have nice grass and pretty flowers planted. The little monkeys got to help this past weekend plant some new flowers with grandpa. We don't have grass in our front yard, much to my dismay but we have planted a garden in our backyard with lots of vegetables and also those really huge sunflowers that can grow like 6 ft. high! I'm so excited for those to get big. We planted tomatoes, carrots, cilantro, cucumbers, squash, green onions and I can't remember what else. I've been keeping photo records of the gardens growth which I am going to be happy to share with the rest of you at a later date in time. :) Until then here are our gardening moments from this past weekend.

They were so deep in thought. I'm not quite sure if they were listening, or thinking to themselves...."What are we supposed to be looking at again grandpa?"

She just patiently held the hose just like grandpa told her, even while getting soaked.

Pouring the vitamin water

Some got a little bored......

Some got a little crazy......

And some just had allergies! Look how swollen my little monkeys face looked and how puffy her poor little eyes were.

These two older monkeys sure know how to get the kids to smile

All the grandkids

I love monkey #2's eyes in this pic lol


Bailey Grant said...

Oh my gosh could Jayda get any cuter like seriously! Hey do you mind if I use that picture of her standing up in the grass on my profile it is a more updated picture lol :)So I am happy that you can post again! I was missing some cute pictures to look at haha!


daveandlisa said...

These pics are so fun. It's always fun to plant gardens.

I've been having problems posting pics too. Obviously you have figured it out since you said you were having troubles, but mine is still kind of having problems. I have to upload one photo at a time to do it. If I try to do any more than that then it always gives me the error message. I hope it gets fixed soon. It's really annoying.

The Frost Family said...

Oh how fun!! You little one is getting cuter by the minute. It seems like there's always an adventure going on over there!

The Leals! said...

You guys are always doing something new and fun over there! Im jeaous! : )

Kevin & Bethany said...

I want a garden!! I'm jealous. I've lived in this house for 2 1/2 years and our backyard is still dirt/weeds.