Saturday, March 8, 2008

Church News

I love reading the church newspaper every week. You know how in the everyday newspapers people like to read the obituaries? Don't ask me why. Well in the Church News I love to read who the newly called mission presidents and stake presidents are. Especially b/c I like to guess how many of them are from Utah and how old they are before I start reading. :) Anyway that's besides the point. This past week there was just a little blurp from this lady that I particularly enjoyed and related to, so I thought I'd share.

"The day before my oldest son's wedding was Sunday. I was serving in the nursery. I was so tight inside and about as wound up as I could get. One of the little ones was falling asleep and I picked him up, cuddling him against me. I stood there and rocked back and forth, like a mother does. It brought peace to my soul and tears to my eyes. It was comforting and calming. Later when I thought on this experience it brought the Savior to my mind. When the people brought their little children to Christ to touch and bless, the disciples tried to stop them from bothering Jesus. But Jesus wanted them near; in Luck 18:16, he said, "Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God."

They are the closest thing to heaven on earth. I believe amidst the thronging crowd, Christ found comfort in the little children, their innocence, their closeness to heaven. I felt so blessed to be in the nursery with the little children so fresh from heaven. I went on to think of when they leave nursery each Sunday, many times their siblings come to get them. They are always excited to see their brothers or sisters who will take them back to their parents, so like our Brother who came for us. He waits at the door ready to take our hand and bring us back to our Father in Heaven. All we have to do is take His hand and follow Him.

When we try our best to comfort crying children in nursery but fail, the moment we place them in their father's or mother's arms they stop crying. They are safe. They are home. Home, comfort, security all are found in the arms of the ones who love us. How glorious that of all the names by which God can be know, Father is on He chooses. Comfort is found in our Father in Heaven's arms."

Sam Anderson, Little Cottonwood Ward,
Sandy Utah Granite View Stake


Tanner & Andrea said...

Hey Girl. Just a quick question... How did you get your heading to be like that... Do you have websites that have wallpaper... I need some help.. haha. - Thanks.. P.s. Your blog is looking so cute.

{Mullins} said...

mmm, i do love holding sleeping wee ones! ps: those pics of the swimmers looked like it was at least 90 degrees here. too bad i'm still freezing at 70 degrees, i'm a wuss!