Monday, February 25, 2008

Best Friends & Mud

My nieces are the cutest thing around. I was over at my parents when Chris called to say that my nieces were "babysitting" the little monkey so he could grill hamburgers for the rest of the family. Of course I knew to come home right away. We were looking at the garden we planted when the next thing we hear is....."SPLASH!!" I look over and see the girls playing in the fresh mud that had just appeared after the garden had been watered. Well it was too late, and they were enjoying themselves so much that I just decided to take pictures of them, instead of making them get out of it. Aren't they the prettiest little things?

(Oh and here's your reference Connie)..............We had some really great homemade ice cream tonight too that my sister in law CONNIE made. Oh excuse me, it was custard. I think that's what they kept calling it. No one makes homemade custard like CONNIE. Too bad our little missionary wasn't here to help CONNIE make it this time. He always loved to help CONNIE make that homemade custard.

( Hope that was enough usage of your name in this one single blog CONNIE) :) I'll try to plug you in as often as possible lol


Cara said...

Can I just bring my kids down so you can take pictures of them?! So cute!!

Alexa Grant said...

oh my gosh those are cute we still need to take pics of me and jayda to !!

Abram and Ashley said...

You really do take great pics.
Just wondering... Do you have Ben's address? My sister Julie wants to write but hasn't got a letter in a while. He must be busy and having a ton of fun!

Megan said...

They are adorable!
Also I must thank you for your advice on how to get children to do things. Liv now sits on the potty for chocolate chips. SCORE

tiffany knox said...

you are a really good photographer! (although it helps having adorable subjects to photo!)
I could learn a lot from you!