Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A long, last week!!!

Here they are :) I said I would post more of our family pics when I got them and this is just a few of them. We had such a blast this week hanging out with chris's family before ben left. The kids all enjoyed playing together and the adults enjoyed hanging out just as much. Halloween was a blast and the girls all went trick or treating and it was nice to only go up one street and back since they are so young. We had a little Belle, the little mermaids ariel, a fairy princess, jayda's tutu costume, and our only boy was a horse :) It was so cute. Needless to say our little party animals played hard b/c in the end they all ended up sick but what ya gonna do?

I love this family picture of us. I wish Jayda was smiling more instead of looking like she just wasn't sure or something but it was nap time so I was happy that she wasn't screaming for this picture like she did in every other one we took!

This one is definitely going in Jayda's room :) She loves her uncle Ben!

Boys will be Boys what can you do?

Notice the three on the left with their mouths open? Trouble makers right there :) and look at the 3 sweeties on the right!

This lady in our ward makes donuts every year as you can see her frosting them in the background. We stopped by and jayda had her first little donut hole!

This is Jayda's famous expression that just cracks my mom up everytime, and I think Jayda knows it too

Goofball! lol

Jayda hates loud noises or music or talking....just anything loud she hates and covers her ears, hence the picture above, where brinley and ashton were mid scream haha gotta love it!


Layn & Celeste said...

OK, Jayda is just so stinkin cute! I can't get over it... Her and Ty would have a blast together.

The Grant Fam said...

Hey Denee man it sure looks like my kids are screamin there heads off!!! don't it.colton