Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Outfits from Grandma!

Who in the world knows why my double chin had to be captured in this picture as we were falling backwards but as the fates would have it, it doesn't look as awful as Jayda staring at it makes it seem. (Did that sentence even make sense??? LOL oh well) Anyway, my mom played the Grandma card and bought the grandkids Christmas outfits. They were so cute especially the pants. Jayda's shirt should've said, "These pants are tight.....does my diaper make my butt look too big?", instead of Merry Christmas or whatever it really says :)

Hey munchkin where'd your neck go?

Ashton with his classic stare

Don't ask! :) Oh and if you're wondering then yes Ashton is 2 and a half months younger than Jayda, she's just really small and he's a big boy on top of that too....hence the reason why he looks like he could be her little body guard :)

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Trevor & Taytum said...

I cannot believe how big they have all gotten since the 24th of July! It is so crazy how fast kids grow.