Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Park Night!

Now that it's getting a little cooler my little munchkin loves to swing at the park by our house. Maybe it's because she loves the way the 100 degree breeze flows through her lucious locks, or maybe it's the way the breeze takes her breath away because she still hasnt perfected breathing through her nose :) Either way her constant squeeling and raspy chuckles make Park Days, and Nights such a fun event!......(all 15 min. of it, till the thrill and high of all the excitement is over and she's already ready to go back home) lol


jenny said...

She gets cuter everyday. I know, I miss seeing you too. We need to get together.

Bailey Grant said...

she is just a cutie!! who little chubby legs in those jammies<3 are adorable!!!