Thursday, August 30, 2007

Teething Frenzy!!

Jayda is so fun! Lately it's been nothing but new things for her. She's making funny noises...especially when she eats. Lets just say, the girl truely enjoys her food! She's doing non stop "rasberries" as they call them, where spit just flies everywhere, She's always chomping on something trying to get those teeth to poke through, and she's mastered....well kinda mastered lol the backwards army crawl. You see Jayda may be fun, but she's also a bit lazy and the stubborn little thing refuses to be on her stomach without a fight. So when I say she's "mastered" the backwards army's really just our excitement b/c she's moving a little and doing something other than screaming! Oh the joy! :)

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Julie said...

Haha.. I totally was cracking up. Little Kaitlyn army crawls too, not backward though. I guess they're their own person and going to do things in their time and their way! She's such a cutie. Aren't they fun?!