Friday, August 17, 2007

Hawley Lake Trip!

We just got back yesterday from our 4 day trip up to Hawley Lake. Chris has been going there since he was like 3 years old and he was so excited for me to finally experience it for myself. Let me just say this, it was one of the most peaceful and beautiful places I've been to up in those white mountains. I absolutely loved it. We did a lot of fishing, and caught a bunch of crawdads that Ben and Tom boiled up and ate. Chris finally got to do his fly fishing which he LOVES and is his hobby. He hasnt gotten to do it since before his mission. He caught a handful of fish, but his moment of glory happened, when we went for a drive with his parents around the lake and drove up to see another lake just by us called Earl lake. It's only for fly fishing and it's secluded so we parked, and hiked through the woods. His first cast out, and BLAM!!!! He caught a big brown trout. Chris was so excited and I dont know....I think I might have been more excited for him than he was lol :) He told me that not only was it the biggest fish he's ever caught in his life, but he was fly fishing......THAT'S TOUGH! If any of you have ever seen someone do it before, it's like an art, and my Christopher loves to do it. Anyways the weather was nice, the scenery was beautiful, and spending time with the Ray clan was a blast. Hope we go back again soon.


jenny said...

Breath taking

dnjdavis said...

Your daughter is a doll! Awesome pictures and I am glad I get to keep up to date with the blog! Yeah, see ya next year :) hehee