Friday, June 1, 2007

Photography Madness

My family has recently undertaken the modeling world by storm lol and by that I mean, fell victim to me and my ametuer photography skills. I think the camera has been attached to my arm and now become just another part of my body! :) I absolutely love it, and it's become so addicting to me. I could just sit and take picture after picture of Jayda, and lucky for me she's a happy little girl who's pretty photogenic if you ask her mother! I know that my pictures probably arent all that great but Chris and I love how they've turned out. It's fun learning about lighting, and developing film and all that other stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Denee`! Those pics are awesome, I love the angles, lighting, etc. Keep em coming! I love that sweet baby cakes too ! :) Someday, when we start having kids, I want you to take some pics.......(I had to throw that in for ya!)