Friday, June 29, 2007

The Sandal Story!

A little while back I posted about the time we went to the Bass Pro Shops opening. I failed to mention a really funny story about my husband Chris....which by the way, he will kill me when he finds out I posted this :) So a couple of weeks ago when we were at Bass Pro Shops Chris was so excited. Everything he saw in the store he wanted to buy, or he felt the need to explain how he could use each and everyone of the things he saw. He kept saying, dang I wish we had the money for this or that, so I told him, we're not leaving here until you get at least one thing! I knew if I told him that he'd get all excited and he could enjoy his purchase more if he didnt feel the guilt from spending the money. So we kept looking around the store, and I saw a racoon on this shoe stand and when I turned to tell Chris to come look I hear....."Oh crap! Not again....that's what happened to my brown pair!!" hahahaha I turned and Chris had tripped on a rug and broken his $2.50 flip flops from old navy. Which is exactly what he had done to his other pair. For any of you that know Chris, he's kinda clumsy, so this was so dang funny to me. Well his flip flop couldn't be repaired, so he was forced to buy some sandals from Bass Pro Shops. What's ironic is that we were in the shoe department when it all happened. So the one thing Chris got to buy ended up being something he HAD to buy. He was so mad. :) All the girls flip flops were 4 dollars but for some reason the guys were 20-30 bucks, which only aggravated him more b/c his other ones were $2.50. I posted the add up top b/c the exact pair of brown and black ones that he bought came out in the adds this past week on sale, and I have been teasing Chris about it ever since. So that was our funny little sandal story! Oh the drama


The Hulsey Family said...

That's hilarious...poor guy! Totally sucks that out of all the things he wanted to buy and was carefully taking his time to make his decision, he ends up with flip flops!

Julie said...

Thats so funny. Hopefully for the money you paid, they will be better and won't come apart so easily when he stumbles!