Sunday, January 28, 2007


The most wonderful thing happened the past two nights! Little Miss Sunshine, has discovered that it's really not necessary to wake up every 3 hours during the night, and that mom looks a whole lot better when you just sleep all night and wake up around 6 instead lol. I'm hoping that this sticks and that she's not just tricking me , because THIS IS GREAT!!! Things have been a little crazy this week. Chris and I are trying to buy our house, we've switched Jayda to formula...after 2 months of breastfeeding I decided I had, had it and was welcoming the break that formula would bring so we've been adjusting to that and both her and I are doing good. Chris and I have also been shrinking back to our former selves......well hopefully that is :). We started a diet this weekend and a workout plan, it's actually been really fun for us to get to workout together everyday. It's hard to get your body back into shape when you've been prego and haven't worked out in a year! Oh and the beautiful pictures, are thanks to Alexa! Bailey helped by getting Jayda not to cry so good work girls! Team effort :)

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